One Of The Most Advanced Ultra Precision Mould Making Operations

Omni Mold company, is a ultra precision plastic injection mould making company in Singapore. Specializing in ultra-precision, high complex and high cavitation moulds. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced computer software and machine tool hardware. Together with proven track records, system and highly trained staffs, we are positioned to meet the requirements of the most stringent customers in the global arena, in sectors such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Nutrition / Food Packaging, Information Technology, Office Automation, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.


Metal Additive Manufacturing Capabilities

An in house Laser Sintering Machine equipped with 280 x 280 x 365 mm³ build envelope and Patented bidirectional powder coating that enables us to fabricate conforming cooling insert for our value customer.
Complete 3D Solid Computer Aided Mould Software

A complete 3-dimensional mould design experience that can provide the finest detail. CAD, CAM, CAE and more.
Simulation and Analysis

Advanced plastics engineering simulation tools for product design and refinement.
Design For Manufacturing

Extensive discussion and proposal by our experiential engineering team to tackle critical issues upfront.
Ultra-precision Mould Component Manufacturing

Ability to manufacture component with the finest detail with extreme precision and repeatability.
Precision Mould Manufacturing For Presses Up To 1300 Ton

Capable to produce a wide range of mould and well equipped with advance injection moulding machine to put the mould to test.
Advance High Speed Digital Manufacturing

Integrated digital system to provide critical insight and quick response time on everything that matters.


Life Saving Devices

Medical mould customized with a swivel core function.
Surgical Devices

PP material with Zero Flash at the tip with a tolerance of < 10 microns.
Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid Silicon Rubber injection mould, including 2K LSR; LSR + LSR, Thermoplastic + LSR.
High Cavitation Medical Disposables

Full hot runner system, fully interchangeable mould, stack mould, complex technical moulded component, up to 256cav).
Drug Delivery Device

Zero draft angle syringes with a long core, Complex engineering materials of Peek and Ultem material.
Medical Unscrewing

Hydraulic activated unscrewing or electrical activated unscrewing medical mould to produce component that requires internal thread with high repeatability.
Nutrition and Food Packaging

Moulded with tamper proof function, and 2-shot moulds with in-mould assembly of scoop and cap.
Insert Moulding

Combines two or more components into a single assembled product within a moulding cycle.
Multi Shot and Component

Economical and efficient approach for producing parts with two or more different colours or material resins in a single moulding operation.
Stack Mould

Moulds that allows the double the output of standard plastic injection moulds.
Gas Assist

Injection of high-pressure gas into the thermoplastic melt flow immediately after introducing the melted resin into the cavities.
High Speed Thin Wall

Ability to mould extremely thin product or thin geometry.
In-Mould Labelling & In-Mould-Decorative

In-Mould Labelling and In-Mould Design. Effective cost-saving method by eliminating the need of secondary process for logos and graphics printing on the part.
Conforming Cooling

Mould build with conforming cooling channel close to the critical product area, breaking free from conventional restriction of product or insert geometry.
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